Home Decor Ideas For a Unique Malaysian Touch

Four classic Malaysian materials that you can incorporate into your home for a dash of local flair. 1. Rattan Lightweight, versatile, budget-friendly, and easily available locally, rattan is a fantastic natural material that can be woven seamlessly into your home. It lends a casual warmth and inviting airiness that complements just about every design style, […]

7 Malaysian Furniture Brands You Need To Know

These homegrown labels are not only proudly made in Malaysia but they are also upholding and reinventing local traditions and artistry. Kantan Kollektiv Specialising in rattan furniture, Kantan Kollektiv’s offerings emphasise originality and individuality. Their pieces are inspired by the founders’ travels and draw upon the ever-changing zeitgeist of locales around the world, merging East […]

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Your Ultimate Furniture Guide

Furniture shopping is a pleasure for some and a chore for others. Regardless, the thought, planning and preparation that you do upfront will go a long way towards helping you make the right decisions for yourself and your home. Use this checklist to help you find the perfect pieces that suit your home, your lifestyle, […]

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6 Tips & Tricks To Keep An All-White Home Clean

Have you always wanted an all-white interior but worry about maintaining it? With these tried-and-tested tips, you can have your dream home and live it too. Some consider it a non-colour but a lack of, yet you can’t deny that there is much to like about white. It denotes purity and freshness, clarity and cleanliness […]