Fill The Gaps: 10 Creative Ways to Use Empty Spaces in Your House

Are there corners in your home that are making your home look bare? Put them to good use with these nifty ideas.

Every home is bound to have at least one awkward nook or bare corner that’s neither here nor there – too small to be fully functional or is of an irregular angle that makes it a challenge to put in fixtures. It’s a shame to simply leave them unused so here are some ways turn these “negative spaces” into happy little spots.

1. Mirror, mirror on the floor

Rest a large, embellished mirror against the wall to instantly create a statement corner. Add small decorative items around it and voila, you have what looks like an accidental art installation! This is most ideal for a space near the main door so you can give your outfit a last check before heading out. Additionally, mirrors tend to make a room appear bigger so you’ll also be adding to the area’s spatial comfort.

2. Where art thou?

It could be an ideal spot to showcase a favourite piece of art. If it’s a painting to be hung on the wall, add a spotlight to increase its allure. For small sculptures, consider placing them atop a rostrum for a museum-like display. After all, the idea is to turn the empty space into a mini art gallery.

3. Plant an idea

Small, angular corners are great for potted plants as they don’t take up much space and can easily be made more presentable with decorative vases or pots. Do check the amount (or lack) of sunlight that bathes the corner so that you can be sure to have the right kind of indoor plants that will flourish in those conditions.

4. Extend shelf life

If you can’t fit in ready-made furniture into those awkward spaces and don’t want to spend on custom designs, your best bet is to fit in floating shelves. They are easy to install and can be adapted to fit any dimensions. You can then use them as additional storage or or as another feature wall to show off your prized collectibles.

Modern Minimalist bedroom platform

5. Zen station

Turn an empty space into a Zen zone, where you can escape to when you need a break from the humdrum of daily routines and work stress. All you need is a carpet or rug with some plump cushions and either candles, incense sticks, an essential oil diffuser, or a lava lamp to invoke a sense of peace and calm.

6. Book it!

Running out of space for your books? A walk-in library is one of the best ways to utilize the alcove under the stairs. For smaller spaces, a cosy reading corner can be had with just an armchair and some floating shelves for books.

7. Music to the ears

While bibliophiles book themselves a reading corner, vinyl music lovers can have a listening corner instead. Swap the floating shelves for a small console table where you can place your turntable, with boxes underneath as storage space for your records.

modern contemporary interior design

8. Screen time

If you’re not looking for a “showy” way to utilize the empty spaces, go the other way and cover them up with a room screen divider. Pick one that matches the décor in the room or aim for a classic piece that complements most styles, such as Japanese-inspired bamboo or wood screens.

9. Hook it up

Turn any empty spaces into vertical storage with this easy trick: install wall hooks of different sizes and strength and add on small baskets or carriers with varying capacity. This will allow you to keep a variety of things neatly and when you need to get hold of them, they’re easy to access.

10. Dress it up

Here’s the simplest way to take those spaces from bare to beautiful: dress them up with wallpaper. It adds texture and depth to the room, augmenting the aesthetics with an accent but does not overwhelm. Consider adding a wall or standing lamp if you like the spot to be illuminated in the evenings.

No matter the size and shape, these 10 ideas should give you plenty of inspirations to make the most of the empty or unused corners in your home. All you need is a little touch to improve the functionality and level up your quality of life.

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